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Michael J. Lude & Jennifer Lynn   -   www.michaeljennifer.com

Email: artists@michaeljenniferlude.com Phone: 260-229-1313

Shop Items

Pencil Portraits are the perfect gift, they are elegant and personal, and it is a gift that will never be forgotten.  Choose from our standard sizes, if you need a custom size; please select other and provide your dimensions in the your item details box.

1. Pencil Portraits

# of Faces in the Artwork
  • o    Make sure your images are high resolution and the facial details are clear enough for us to see.

    o    You subjects don't all need to be in the same picture as one another for us to draw them together in the artwork.

    o    You may send as many reference pictures as you like, please make sure to let us know which pictures your favorites are, how you want them positioned etc.

    o    If have a picture that is poor quality but it’s the only one you have, feel free to submit it and we will let you if it is possible. You may email them to us or drop them in the chat box (bottom right) along with your details and questions.

    1. $80 plus $10 (per face/person) | 8x10 inches on Illustration paper 
    2. $85 plus $10 (per face/person) | 9x12 inches on Illustration paper 
    3. $80 plus $20 (per face/person) | 11x14 inches on Illustration paper
    4. $82 plus $20 (per face/person) | 11x15 inches on Illustration paper 
    5. $85 plus $20 (per face/person) | 14x17 inches on Illustration paper
    6. $165 plus $40 (per face/person) | 16x20 inches on Illustration paper
    7. $175 plus $40 (per face/person) | 18x24 inches on Illustration paper
    8. $180 plus $50 (per face/person) |24x30 inches on Illustration paper
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