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Michael J. Lude & Jennifer Lynn   -   www.michaeljennifer.com

Email: artists@michaeljenniferlude.com Phone: 260-229-1313

MJL Entwined Art & Innovative Services

Getting Your Picture Just Right!

This summer I attended a wedding party as a caricature artist, an extra touch to an already extravagant evening.

16x20 Pencil Portrait of Family. 3 separate images were provided. I arranged them as requested. In addition to the picture they also received caricatures of their Daughters.

2018 Wedding Party Guests that Wanted a Caricature!

I provided the option for all guests that wanted a caricature to simply have their picture taken. This allows my customers to enjoy the evening without distraction and their orders were delivered within the next following weeks. All of the Caricatures covered by the host and were done in grayscale markers on 11x15 inch illustration paper.

2018 Grayscale Caricatures Ordered During the Wedding Party! Grayscale markers on 11x15 inch illustration paper By Professional Artist Michael J. Lude

Providing caricatures at events is always a pleasure but it also gives us a chance to offer some of our other works of art services such as color caricatures, landscapes, & realistic portraits. We managed to place two portrait orders that evening for two family portraits, one painted in oils and one pencil portrait. The trickiest part of attending these types of events is letting people know how flexible we are, how many options people have, and how much value quality in every aspect of customer service.


Michael J. Lude