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MJL Entwined Art & Innovative Services

Artists Everywhere!

by Michael Lude

It is amazing how much an artist’s work contributes to the production of everything around us from personal artistic projects to works of art hanging in a gallery or the first sketches of someone’s idea that became a marketable product, building, or home.

An artist’s professional career can be generalized under two main categories of success, Individual and Corporate. These career choices are a determining factor in what type of recognition their artwork will bring them. Most dream of getting their art work in a major gallery and obtain a place among society as a…and so forth.

Artists who work under Individual success retain the rights to their own artwork and because of this the artist will flourish with any achievements or successes gained from their artwork. An Artist’s name becomes the brand and the art its product when one grows so does the other.

Alyssa Monks is a perfect example. This hyper realistic spends as much time as she can in her studio oil painting portraits and figures on huge stretched linen canvases when she’s not teaching art at Montclair State University or New York Academy of Art. She completes an average of three paintings a month and is a three time winner of the Elizabeth Greensheilds Foundation Grant for painting. She’s had featured solo shows in California & New York and has available work at David Klein Gallery in Michigan and Hespe Gallery in San Francisco.

Unlike scenic artists Dale Haugo & Gunnar Ahmer, Alyssa Monks’ amazing body of work continues to elevate her name and stature as an artist among the public.

What Dreams May Come

Those that fall under the corporate heading forgo any rights to the artwork. Companies like Disney specifically hire artists for their skills so any artwork completed by the artist for the company is attributed to that company name. This kind of success is not defined by popularity but by the stability and whatever perks come from within the company walls. Contract positions are large market for professional artists. The terms are the same when it comes to credit but some of the best artwork can be seen in the movie industry.

Dale Haugo was the lead scenic artist in the 1998 film “What Dreams May Come” a movie that is immersed with phenomenal artwork. Like most movies this has the usual special effects and CG art but the artists went several steps further by actually creating a body of large scale paintings numerous enough to fill a small sized gallery.

Artist & visual effects supervisor Kevin goes above and beyond by visually creating a world within the scenic art. These types of artists are ok with never becoming a popular name among the public but have a strong sense of self achievement when whatever project they are working on is completed. Gunnar Ahmer, Charles Kern, Robert L. Peden, Tom Richardson, & Stephen McNally are the remaining scenic team in “What Dreams May come”