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Michael J. Lude & Jennifer Lynn   -   www.michaeljennifer.com

Email: artists@michaeljenniferlude.com Phone: 260-229-1313

MJL Entwined Art & Innovative Services

Artist Advise to SELF

Welcome to the club!

So now you are a Creator!

I wish some kind of “Welcome to the Neighborhood,” kit or You have arrived sign merited this transition. But to be completely honest, you will find no pamphlet of affirmation, a cheering squad or a warm welcome from a hierarchy. Well, here is it… (drum rrrrrrrroll)…….

Welcome to the Starving Artist Club!

Wait what? This is not what you signed up for? Your dreams of grandeur of being an instant hit, creating your master pieces, randomly posting them online, and by magic YOU ARE IN NEW YORK. *BOOM! DROP THE MIC! AND WE ALL ADORE YOU!*

Oh, sorry I was dreaming again. We all have this moments where, in our mind’s eye, life plays out before us. Being an Entrepreneurial Professional Freelance Visual Designer, AKA – ARTIST, can be the HARDEST job to break out into. This has NOTHING to do with the market, supply and demand, skill, proximity, or being in the “know.” All of these points are completely legit, and once you get past your own obstacles, will be a breeze. *Crickets* You heard me right! YOUR OWN OBSTACLES

Business Councilor Sam Ovens

Quick interruption for a short pep talk!

You are amazing! Keep going! Don’t give up! Reach for the stars, and jump over the moon!

Back to your regularly scheduled program.

Tortured Artist

Currently sitting in a mountain of candy wrappers, drinking chocolate milk, wondering “Now what?” I have witnessed talented creators rise to unrealized greatness, only to get tripped up by their issues. Realizing that a creators’ worst enemy is not external, but that internal struggle ALL CREATORS BATTLE.

As any Creator knows, our position is paradoxical, meaning – the very thing that makes us connect, that gives us the gift of insight, words, sound or experience, that dives into our depths which drives us to create. This very thing can drive us to our “tortured artist” counterpart, if we are not careful.

Can you relate?

Tortured artists feel alienated and misunderstood due to the perceived ignorance or neglect of others who do not understand nor support them and the things they feel are important. They sometimes smoke, experience sexual frustration and recurring heartbreak, and generally appear overwhelmed by their own emotions and inner conflicts. They are often mocked in popular culture for "thinking too much", being quixotic, or coming across as pretentiously averse to happiness and fun. Other stereotypical traits vary between extremes—from beingnarcissistic and extraverted to being self-loathing andintroverted. Tortured artists are often self-destructive in behavior and are generally associated with mental health issues such as substance abuse, personality disorders ordepression. Tortured artists are often prone to self-mutilation and have a high rate of suicide.

(Thank you Wikipedia-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tortured_artist)

While many of those stereotypes can widely vary, many of us at one point can relate to a portion of that description. How do we overcome this dilemma? How can we get away from our SELFs?

How to deal with your SELF:

There are three options:

1. Succumb to the madness of the “Tortured Artist” until it consumes you.

2. Suppress

a. Either feelings- leading to dull, lifeless, and disconnected art and inner self.

*but look normal and function for a time at a maintenance level.(Coping for short period of time this way is ok. But at some point it comes out)

b. Or creation- leaving you feeling empty, passionless, and unfulfilled.

*can reduce tortured artist affects until managed. (Sometimes this too is necessary for a SHORT time, resetting blocked muses or as you are coping)

Caution as a * FORMER master of suppression, wherever you leave it, is where you pick it back up at. Don’t wait too long, it may feel like you are ok, but even slow cookers boil over or burn out. *Definitely going to be addressed at a later date.

3. Deal with SELF

a. Negatively - return to option 1.

b. Positively- And reap the rewards of a highly in-tuned artist, who can captivate, invigorate, encompass, and wow this world with your vision of creation according to YOUR special life filter called experience.

We all know what negative feels like, but just in case you can’t recognize poor SELF talk.

Recognize Negative SELF-

Pity, Sabotage, Indulgent, Obsessed, Induced, Preservation, Reliance, Righteous, Serving, Complacent, Criticism, Doubt, and so on…

Example: No one wants to buy my stuff. What’s the point? I am never going to make it. I wouldn’t even buy it at that much. Or my favorite. Who am I to think I can make it? I don’t deserve it.

Please don’t just love your SELF, like your SELF enough to give your SELF a chance.

Loving your SELF

Recognize Positive SELF-

Aware, Praise, Taught, Employed, Respect, , Image, Fulfilling, Love, Motivate, Healing, Assertive, Belief, Discipline, Esteem, Discovery(I like this one) and so on…

Example: I am learning a new way of doing something. It’s ok not to be p-p-p-p-p-p-perfect. I give myself permission to take a break..

Loving your SELF, does not mean you are right where you want to be. It DOES mean it gives your SELF permission to grow in a nurturing way, be at peace, forgive your SELF and enjoy your JOURNEY!!!!!

Forgiving my SELF for not finishing things.

This is an amazing gift we are able to give to the world. We interpret the world around us in a way people can understand.


We are bridge builders; boundary breakers; truth bringers; perspective givers; and deaf, hard-hearted, and blind healers. We make the impossible, possible.

So give your SELF some space to dream!