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Michael J. Lude & Jennifer Lynn   -   www.michaeljennifer.com

Email: artists@michaeljenniferlude.com Phone: 260-229-1313

Michael J. Lude

Professional Artist:

Current Work

I pursue major galleries around the US in between painting and drawing works of art for clients full-time. Combining Hyper-realism with collaging subject matter in an abstract manner in oils on canvas and wood panel is my favorite form of artistic expression. I will be releasing my body of work at the start of the 2019 for the first time. This style allows my viewers to always understand what it is I’m expressing but the abstract arrangements and overlapping of subject matter allows me to keep the mistery and awe of abstract impressionism.

Charity Work

We both pursue different avenues in our art career both together and individually, but we both love to use our gifts to reach out and support the community, charities, and individuals on a regular basis. We both excel at portraits, landscapes, and evoking emotion through artistic expression. One of our main functions as individual artist and business owners selling our services, we offer custom artwork, whatever it is that people want created. We then donate all proceeds to back to the charities that have us attend their events. MLK Montessori school Smartstart Soiree was the last Charity we attended this last October.

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