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Michael J. Lude & Jennifer Lynn   -   www.michaeljennifer.com

Email: artists@michaeljenniferlude.com Phone: 260-229-1313

Professional Artist Jennifer L. / Jennifer Crampton

Jennifer Crampton is a professional artist that captivates the romantic essence in natural beauty and simplicity, through vivid contrast, color emotion and engaging themes. INFLUENCES Jennifer was raised in Columbia City, a classically small town community in Indiana, where the center of life is faith, family and friends. These influences are reflective in many of her paintings, depicting lighted landscapes, country living, simple joys, and dreamy childhood pleasures. Being rejuvenated by nature and lakeside waters, this is frequented throughout her artwork. Meeting the love of her life, portrait artist Michael Lude, has inspired her to take new directions in incorporating people into her works. EXPERIENCE Founder and former art director of Columbia City's Art in the Alley, Teaching painting classes and taking on many community projects like Central Building's three story Owl Cigar mural and landscapes has served her well in her new business MJL Entwined Art & Innovative Services. CURRENT WORKS She is currently creating art full-time, filling orders for clients; landscapes, portraits, murals and special requests. Recently awarded Best of Show at Heartland Artist Gallery, for her piece "Face Me." A self portrait, depicting a strong emotional connection with the viewer and personal experience. This piece highlights the hot turmoil if inner struggles and the determined strength of facing fears. In cooperation with the Whitley County Historical Society, she is working on a project to preserve and illuminate the community's rich heritage. Jennifer and Michael are building a business that both produces, educates, and supports art in the community. The rest of her time is spent creating pieces to submit to galleries all over the US.

2016 Downtown Central Building Columbia City IN. I was Commissioned to paint this old faded mural to make it look natual, this 3-story mual took 62 hours to complete because the bricks were untreated and crumbling as i was painting it.

30th Annual Regional Hearland Juried Art Exhibition; Best of Show, 4 pieces of art were accepted

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