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Michael J. Lude & Jennifer Lynn   -   www.michaeljennifer.com

Email: artists@michaeljenniferlude.com Phone: 260-229-1313

Graphic Art

See our graphic art that was commissioned through our website.

Our Murals

See our wide range of murals we have done from african american art and civil war art to 3-story murals of art restorations and projects for the community.

Our Publicatoins

See our current events, engagements, and envolvement with the community and our clients. Stay up to date with current projects and fundraisers we are working on.

Artist Michael Lude

Fin out more about Professional Portrait, graphic, and concept artist Michael J. Lude

Site Members

Become a site member and recieve exclusive promotions, discounts, and occasional free works of art.

Our Videos

See live videos of our projects and clientele's artwork, see step by step how we turn your picture in to the masterpiece it will become.

Our Clients

See how we work with communities, interact with our clients, and the events we have attended.

Artist Jennifer Crampton

Find out more about professional muralist, landscape, and portrait artist Jennifer Crampton

Contact Us

Contact us for a quote on anything you would like to see brough to life, email, chat messenger, or by phone.

Our Blog

Stay up to date on insights into the art community. We focus on those that came before, the present, and what is to come!

Art Collections

See our professional bodies of work by both artists Michael J. Lude and Jennifer Crampton. These works of art our not based off of client but art done in our spare time and have sold or submitted to professional galleries. Some works of art are available for purchase.

About Us

MJL Entwined Art & Innovative Services