Custom Artwork!

We know how important it is for a commissioned artist to be able to create a work of art to a client's specificity, but we have a 100% success rate, more importantly we uphold our customer's satisfaction above anything else. If you have a unique vision of something not listed on this site, please contact us, we will exceed your expectations.

We don't hand your artwork out to contracted artists!

Every service we offer is created from scratch by the same two professional artists, Michael Lude & Jennifer Crampton. We personally guarantee quality, consistency, and more importantly exceptional customer service.

  • All artwork is in the style requested by  the client

  • We can create any style you like

  • All artwork may be delivered directly to you!

  • All artwork is insured!

  • You receive visual updates as we work

  • You have direct contact with the artists during business hours

  • We have a 100% Satisfaction rate

  • We make sure you are happy before we send i

  • We guarantee photo likeliness

pencil portraits


Pets on Canvas

pencil portraits

November 2018 - NewArtwork 

Stay up-to date on custom artwork crated every week!

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Michael J. Lude & Jennifer Lynn   -

Email: Phone: 260-229-1313